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7 steps to jump into affiliate marketing

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7 steps to jump into affiliate marketing
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7 steps to jump into affiliate marketing


We are going to walk with you through the first steps into Affiliate Marketing. By giving you this article ” 7 steps to jump into affiliate marketing ” which give you all the information that help you at the beginning to make your steps worthy.

Individuals make money in various ways, as it is the need of the day and the unemployed one is just good for nothing. So, when they are suggested with any way of earning they don’t leave this big opportunity and obviously no one would. Some people are investing in companies and becoming shareholders, some are doing jobs and have their own business, while some people are investing in cryptocurrency as it is the latest one nowadays. Online working, I must say, is the efficient way to make money using skills and techniques as well as internet browsing provide the users with different tools to assist them.

What if I say, that you can make money just with a single tap of yours and maybe the other one like the visitor to the site which is considered as a billion-dollar affiliated marketing industry.

The research of statistics might be surprising as it says that business spends on affiliate marketing will hit $8.2 billion in the united state by 2022.

Do you want to take advantage of it? Just read this guide and start today.


What is affiliate marketing?

In this process, you get profit when any viewer or visitor visits your affiliate link about the particular company’s products or item for its promotion, that’s how you get a commission. In short, you work as a salesperson of the company, and when the sale increases you get rewarded in return.

The main reason for its popularity is that you can get a commission by advertising multiple companies at a time instead of sticking to a single one like the traditional seller.


How does affiliate marketing work?

The company, which wants an advertisement for their brand gives a specific link to the seller to ensure their responsibilities. When a visitor visits a website and clicks on the link which is a small cookie, it gets stored on their device.

It results in two things:

  1. Helps merchants attribute to sale back to the right person
  2. There is an expiration date, you would be paid even if the buyer delays his purchasing.


7 steps to jump into affiliate marketing

There are seven-step to jump into affiliate marketing are as follows:


  1. Choose a platform

Affiliated marketing needs no specific platform to work on, you can even work on Instagram, but for increasing sales and to gather an audience for affiliating your sales, a blog or youtube can be the best option.

A blog, I must say, is the easiest and cheapest task nowadays, for this you just need to watch tutorials to get started and a few dollars per month. Once ready, optimize it for search engines, you will get a better chance of ranking then you can add links on your site for advertising.

The other one is youtube in which making and adding videos is an easy plus free task which is the reason for everyone’s choice, optimize your videos for SEO and start adding affiliate links in the description.


  1. Select a niche

When you have done with the platform, the next thing is to choose the niche you are going with. Food, for instance, is the most discussed niche, but to make your niche different, go with “ traditional food or packed items “, the tighter topics will help you to get a more focused and active audience toward your channel or site as well as help you to rank better in search engines.


  1. Find a program

There are three kinds of affiliated programs.


  • Suppose, converkit’s affiliate program pays almost $700/month on sending 80 customers to their site when they are selling CRM software for small business owners, and it would a limited pool of buyers, will be the example of high-pay, low volume affiliate programs.


  • Low pay, high volume affiliated programs are like, if you take PS4 games, and a maximum people play this game but the average cost is about $50 and as the commission is in single digit, here you will earn $2 to $3 on one click and you will be lucky enough.


  • High pay, high volume is an affiliate program for products with mass appeal and a credit card is a good example as everyone needs a credit card and people stay with the company for a long period.


  1. Create a great content

The content must be eye-catching and you need to create high-quality content where your affiliate links can fit better. The content should be the problem solver unlike amazon’s products as you ought to increase sales with promotions,


  1. Drive traffic

You can increase traffic to your site with the paid traffic in which you invest money for PPC ads, and the advantage is you start paying when you pay.

The other one is good SEO to rank high in search engines like Google. You need strong keywords and that’s how you will get consistent and passive traffic.


  1. Get clicks

Having great content is not enough to bring traffic. You need to place the link in an adequate way to make it eye-catching for visitors so don’t put them in the button, where the viewers are scrolling.

The introduction of content should also be attractive and highlighted. Moreover, adding tables, charts, buttons, and boxes can also do a good job.


  1. Convert clicks to sale

You need two conversions to make money.

The first is, click on the product page, in which you have full control of this action.

Second is, visitors purchase the products, which depends on the visitor and the rates are not in your control.

And don’t hesitate to ask questions if you want to know about affiliate programs.

do with your gut, if you feel off before sharing any stuff or you don’t want to recommend it to your close ones. Don’t promote.


The finale on ” 7 steps to jump into affiliate marketing “

Finally, on this topic ” 7 steps to jump into affiliate marketing ” I gathered for you the basic steps and the main ideas to get started. I hope you find this topic useful for you and help you through your journey.

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