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90s Video Games

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90s video games
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90s Video Games



Hi everyone, 90s generation, I brought to you a unique experience that will bring you sweet and amazing memories. Now you have the opportunity to play 90s Video Games through the browser.

I know that there are other solutions to play these amazing games on your PC. But this time, just by visiting one website, in a few seconds, you will get full access to amazing 90s video games.

I remember my childhood playing, for instance, Mario, Pacman, and more games remembering how beautiful and fun these games. personally, I grew up using the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer (CLV-101).

For sure, every one of us needs to bring old days feeling, take a break from this accelerating life. So, I found this amazing website Emupedia.

Let me talk about it and review all the aspects of this website in the next paragraphs.




Emupedia gives you the opportunity to experience the 90s video games, most of them if I have to say. I’ll mention them later in this post. Well guys, Do you feel excited to bring the childhood memories?

Just, open your browser and search for Emupedia. When you open the link, you’ll find a homepage of 3 different windows OS, Windows me, Windows 95, and Windows 98. Windows 98 was the first operating system I used on my PC. It’s fun to go back to these days.

The main idea of Emupedia is to save the history of the computer by archiving, saving, and collecting games. Also, there are some classic outdated programs. All of these presented by Emupedia through emulators of old operating systems.

In other words, Emupedia is a storage for the most amazing old video games and outdated programs. Easy steps and you can finally try those games and programs. No installation or downloading any programs, just visit the website and try them.



90s video games minecraft


Emupedia 90s Video Games


Emupedia offered a lot of old games. You’ll find, for instance, Pong, Pikachu Volleyball, Pac-Man, Doom 1, Half-Life 1, Street Fighter Alpha, Minecraft 1st version, Microsoft Jigsaw, Santa tracker, Nvolley, and other games.

Also, it presents software programs like Clippy, Microsoft Notepad, Winamp, Microsoft Paint, and other programs.


90s vido games


How to play 90s video games


I’ll explain how to play using Emupedia in a few steps:

  • Open this link.
  • Choose the operating system you like.
  • There are 3 options to choose from ( Windows 95 and Windows 98 or Windows Millennium ).
  • Now, you’ll see a desktop full of games and programs.
  • Finally, click on any game or program twice with the mouse.

Note: Emupedia doesn’t use virtual operating systems, but themes to make you live the experience.


Play pacman


Emupedia Performance


As you can expect, the performance will depend on the specifications of your PC or laptop. But, since these games or programs are too old, I can say that you will not face a problem operating them.

Emupedia is a treasure for us, the 90s generation, few games on the website still under development but most of the other games are ready to operate.


Conclusion of 90s Video Games


In conclusion, I see it as one of the best ways to pass your free time and eliminate boredom, especially if you’re a 90s generation like me. Nostalgia is an amazing feeling, I love to live in it sometimes.

Well, what are you waiting for! Go to Emupedia and try some 90s video games and have fun.


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