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Amazon Free time

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Amazon Free time
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Amazon free time


This for you, Parents. This article about Amazon Free time which telling you about the issues that may face your kids when using their Amazon free time.

We all are aware of the fact that technology has merged in our lives and we can’t even think of sleeping, eating, or even living without it. For example, we can’t find out if a person has a mobile or any tracker device. It is just not about the youngsters or for the elders but kids, they also use it for their ease and enjoyment, they love to play games for the whole day and want to live alone with their smart devices. I must say they have much more knowledge of these things than their elders and they are no more kids right now.

It sounds cool but it is an alarming situation for the guardians of the parents because the internet and these devices are not bound to show results about what the human being is searching for, according to their age. It is the parental duty to keep an eye on the stuff or keep checking the history that their children are watching and going through, but it is the 21s century and kids are not kids right now, they are well known to many ways to clear the watch or search history to hide their activity from the parents.

Amazon Free time

I must say, there is a competition between the kids and the technology, and especially with the amazon free time. The Amazon itself and its generations are well known for the clever and sharp-mindedness of the kids so they are creating much more to help those innocent parents.

Amazon free time allows parents to set up their Amazon kids+ in a way they can get access to their kids’ activity plus the estimate of the timing of how much your kid stays online. Sounds interesting and implementable? Yes, it is, but there can be another drawback of it, that it may stop sometimes and you just got unaware of your kid’s performance on the devices using the internet.


What can a parent do?

Freetime enables parents to let their kids enjoy the online world independently but probably not independently. They set up a profile in which their kids play games, watch movies, listen to music and use them accordingly but, within their parent’s reach. There is no age restriction for the parents but it is specially designed for the age group from 3 to 12.

It is just not about the security measures but also set a time limit and parents have a total hold on the time utilized by their children with this fire tablet.


Expected issues & solutions

The makers try hard to develop perfect advice for their users but flaws can happen, they may skip something that may cause unease and disturb the users.

Here we have some of the reasons that can be a hurdle for the parents to access their kids’ activity.

Missing games from free time

Most of the parents have no idea of the system of the free time you may say, about the different features, so when they install games on the tablet, they don’t find that in their stock, and consider them the missing one, and that’s not it actually happens.

It is a special feature of the free time that they have to install some of the apps separately only then it will work.


Out of space

It is a common problem among all the devices that it doesn’t allow the users to install new apps or games when it shortens storage, the same might happen with the kids _ so nothing to worry about.

Just uninstall some of the useful games if not, insert a memory or SD card in the tablet.


Screen freezes

Sometimes the amazon kids+ may freeze the screen due to longer use and mostly when the kids on their kindle fire, it happens. In this case, the best thing to do is to reboot.

Hold down the power button until the kindle fire turns off the function, wait for almost 40 seconds and press the power button to restart it.


Amazon kids+ crash

Crashing can also be an issue for the kindle fire users, it doesn’t even load and here it could be the issue with your device.

For the solution, what will you do is, go to the settings, click on apps and games. Select manage all applications, look for the amazon kids+ and force stop it, and clear the cache.


When nothing work

Here is the situation when you have tried all the things and don’t find any solution, then the last one is to reset your device. It will change the settings into the original one. So before clicking the reset button, transfer all of your data to another device or on the SD card.

When you back up your data, here is how to reset it.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Choose device
  3. Click on reset to factory default
  4. Confirm

After this step, reinstall your apps and get the data back, now hopefully everything would work smoothly.

Finally, do these steps when these problems pop up and you are going to enjoy your Amazon free time with your kids.

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