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Amazon Paperwhite 10th generation

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amazon paperwhite 10th generation
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Amazon Paperwhite 10th generation


Here we go, Amazon Paperwhite 10th Generation. All-new Kindle, The new model from Amazon who deliveries almost perfection. With its new feature, water-proof, it’s a really big step from Amazon.

In this world of technology, the electronic devices companies are working harder to make changes to bless their users with peace and ease, as the laptop & mobile series are also adding new features and clicks to their new models and generations, and as the daily users must know the fact there is always something latest in the new generation or model as the companies are meant to develop these changes.

Here the hot topic is the amazon’s generation, that is surprising the users from the first one Echo, which allows the users to play music on different forums like heart radio, Spotify pandora, etc

All the generations and their additional features have served the users with entertainment and are easy to use. In fact, amazon’s users desperately waited for the latest one as they know it will come with new spices and additions.

On talking about amazon’s kindle paperwhite generation. It is considered to be the best-selling model, introduced by Amazon with kindle Oasis 2  late last year along with major additions like audible support and water resistance. Paperwhite 10th generation is the fourth paperwhite repetition. It will be a great and surprising kindle innovation until amazon launched a new and latest piece than this.


Aamazon Paperwhite 10th generation full specification

  • Display: It has a 6inche glare-free E-paper ( 300ppi ) display, 5 LED lights.
  • Storage: 32GB/8GB, free amazon cloud storage with books. So now, you can store your books in the ebook reader, your night can’t save the full stock. But, if you delete the unuseful ones, they remain in the list and you can download them again to get them back.
  • Features: Some of the useful and prominent features are,
  • Whispersync: It synchronizes your reading progress, notes, and highlights all your kindle devices, apps, and cloud readers.
  • X-Ray: It helps in searching for the particular character, paragraph, term, etc.

Other features like smart lookup and word wise help in vocabulary building. Apart from these old features which are based on recommendations, it catches the interests and likes of the readers and suggests more apps on books according to the history of previous research. The home screen also allows setting the font, size, and boldness according to the reader’s choice providing the oceans in the main menu.


Amazon Paperwhite 10th generation is a water-resistant

The prominent thing which makes it different from all other devices is its waterproofing. Also, it supports Audible audiobooks along with a lighter and thinner outlook. The screen now flushes with the seamless sheet of glass having more LEDs for the illuminated display.

Waterproofing doesn’t mean to bear low water pressure. But, you can dunk it up to six feet of water for an hour and you can also safely read the stuff in it, in the tub, or during the bath.


How do I use Paperwhite?

If you have got a new paperwhite, it sounds like you have a great choice in eReading, but if you don’t know how you can take advantage of it and make your reading experience excellent. You are almost done.

Here we are going to talk about the usage and why to prefer concept regarding paperwhite 10th generations,

You might have to face different problems while using charging issues and frozen screens.


Get your kindle online

You mustn’t get disturbed by the low battery icon. So, to avoid this, turn it off and let it change. Once fully charged, turn it on like a mobile phone, ( by holding and pressing a power button ) wait for a while to start. Once you see the start-up process, choose the language for your ease and let it load if the screen is blinking. Don’t panic as it is the normal part of updating E ink technology.

On seeing the kindle’s welcome message, tap to start and the first thing to do is, connect it to your wifi network by typing the password through the keyboard.


Connect to Amazon & other accounts

After getting online in your kindle, sign in to your existing Amazon account. If you don’t have one, tap on to the new account. Then, fill in the requirements ( email, password, or phone number ), and register. It will send a code by email or phone, type in the given box to confirm registration.

When you have registered on the account. I t will appear a hello message will appear and you will be asked to adjust the device time according to your country timing then click on continue setup

You can also connect your social media accounts and can chit-chat with your friends there. But, if you don’t want to, tap skip to share good reads

At the end, when you have set up all the things. There you’ll be suggested with the options of kindle subscription which costs 10$ per month. So, you can enjoy millions of books as long as you are a subscriber. Although, you can also choose a free trial for a

The finale of Amazon Paperwhite 10th generation

At this review, about Amazon Paperwhite 10th generation, I tried to gather all the aspects. Gathering all the benefits that you can get from getting this amazing Kindle.

Amazon Paperwhite 10th generation
  • Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Battery



  • Waterproof
  • Battery
  • Build Quality
  • Excellent content library


  • No 5GHz Wi-Fi support

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