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Apple AirPods Pro Review

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Apple airpods pro review
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Apple AirPods Pro Review


Hey fellas, in this article, In3case brought to you ” Apple Airpods Pro Review ” which is a new type of review from us.

Technology is surprising us every day. It became a thought that every day is a new day and the manufacturers would develop something for our ease. Although it has made humanity very lazy and independent of robotics, if I say we exist due to the advancement of technology, I might not be wrong. In the past, when we passed away from a person, watches him talking on the phone, this thing surprised us that he was having an expensive phone. But now, people don’t even bother to carry their phones in their hands and do their tasks by putting them into their pockets. How is it possible? It is a blessing in fact a gift from the companies who are making earbuds or AirPods for our ease. Life gets so easy, right?

Today, we don’t have to strain our hands to carry a phone, tablet, or even laptop to hear clearly. What we do, just plugin the AirPods and leave the rest on them expecting crystal clear voice and sound quality.

These products are of great use today and high in demand so many companies or brands are making these products along with some additional features and qualities to attract the audience.

Whatever the product is, either mobiles, Ipads, tablets, or Bluetooth earbuds no one is unaware of the quality assurance and high standard filters of apple’s products. The same in fact something much interesting with Apple’s wireless Bluetooth earbuds which have a built-in microphone that smoothly filters the background noise.

Things don’t end here, let’s discuss further to know more about it.


Active noise cancellation

If you have been an Apple user, you might be using apple AirPods, which have amazing features to connect to the phone calls and listen to the audios direct from the mobile and apple watches.

Here, Apple’s AirPods Pro is designed to deliver the audio or phone call without any noise, which means it has the ability to cancel the noise in the background during the call.

This active noise cancellation enables the listener to listen to the audios, music, and phone call in a peaceful environment as it uses two microphones; inward-facing microphone, in which all the focus is on the inner voice and it cancels the other one to make the inner voice crystal clear and the other one is an outward-facing microphone which detects the outer noise and mixed into the audio with the user’s ear. That’s how, using both microphones, earbuds made the environment peaceful for the listener.


Transparency mode

Enabling the noise cancelation mode can work in the rushy areas plus when you are traveling in a bus or train to avoid the noise but when you are in the gathering or office, it will disturb you more than providing ease as you have to remove them to listen to your surroundings. To avoid this, use transparency mode with one tap on which enables you to switch from the silence to the natural environment


Amazing audio quality

It has a super-efficient high dynamic range amplifier which delivers high quality and clear sound and amazed the user ones plus it has great battery timing and the interesting thing is, it provides sound according to the ear size for a smooth and better quality listening experience


New designs and sizes

Apple AirPods pro is available in three different sizes so that it can fit into the ear of the user, such as M, S, L. generally the medium one is already attached to the product and the rest two are in the box, these are placed under the tray and nested inside the charger cable.

While trying to adjust the size, start from the medium one, if it seals into your ear, make sure your ear is made for the medium size, if you get uncomfortable, switch to the large tip, which also feels too large? Then go with the small one, you will definitely be comfortable with this.


Still not sure? Try this ear tip fit-test

Even after trying all sizes, you are not feeling comfortable and confused between the two that what you are going to use. Try this test for possible sound quality and for checking the noise cancellation system, do these next steps


  • Have a particular size AirPods pro in your ear, tap to “ settings “ select “ Bluetooth “ on your device
  • Tap the info button
  • Tap ‘ ear tip fit test ‘. The things to be noted are that you will not see any test tip button until you have iOS or IpadOS version 13.2 or later.
  • If yes, press continue and tap the play button.

If the test result continuously suggests to try a different size and then test it, keep switching with different sizes, if it doesn’t work. You might have to switch between your left or right ear.

Finally, I hope you liked our article ” Apple Airpods Pro Review

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Apple Airpods Pro Review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Price



  • Noise cancelation
  • Cool design
  • Very good quality sound
  • Transparency mode


  • Price
  • Charges via lightning cable

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