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Augmented reality

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Augmented reality
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Augmented reality



In this post ” Augmented reality “, I’m going to explain the idea of Augmented reality, its examples, and more. So, let’s find out more about it.

Being a part of this world, you must be aware of the technological devices and inventions that are now become a crucial aspect of our life, and we totally rely on those. Plus they have made us lazy but there is another aspect of technology and that is the entertainment and fun provided by those devices and now we can see the world with a different vision. Yes, you hear right, we are talking about augmented reality (AR), a topic worth discussion, as it is one of the best as well as the biggest technological trends right now. And there are more chances of advancement just because AR-ready smartphones, tablets, and other devices are now becoming more accessible, not in the specific country but around the globe.


How can we see Augmented reality?


If you want to see the real-life environment in front of us, from trees swaying in the park to the dog chasing the ball.

A flying reptile, for instance, you can enjoy seeing them landing on the trees, kids could be kicking the ball and the dogs might be mingling with the cartoons.

The advancement of AR is not limited to these examples. But you might be thinking that it is the same you can get from your smartphone and are already available in the form of Snapchat lenses ( that shows one person in different forms ). The apps that help you to find your car in the crowded parking, can guide you exactly to your derivation ( using maps ) and the shopping at your doorstep, using various apps as plus you can try clothes even without stepping out from home.

On talking about the latest technologies and apps. How can we first talk about the most popular example of AR technology? The mobile app, Pokemon Go, released in 2016 but became an inevitable sensation within seconds. It is the game and our youngsters went crazy about it, in which the player located the pokemon characters that come along in the real wolf on your sidewalks, whether in the jet or maybe in your bathroom.


Augmented reality Examples


Apart from the games, there are so many other uses and aspects that stand best in our daily routine life just like the Pikachu on the loose in pokemon go.

Let’s have a look at few more examples


  • It gives a helping hand in enhancing the navigation system as it uses augmented reality to underlying the route over the live view of the roadway.
  • It participates in sports, especially during the football game, broadcasters take help from AR to draw the lines to embellish and analyze plays.
  • You must be shocked to hear its usage in the furniture and houseware giants as IKEA ( called IKEA palace ) offers an app so that you can have an idea of how the particular piece will look and fit in your room.
  • The military pilots use AR to project their speed, attitude, and other details on their helmet visor and that’s how they get help and don’t waste their focus by glancing down to see them.
  • Neurosurgeons take help from it and estimate a 3D brain that can assist them in surgeries.


Augmented reality Apps


  1. Houzz


Are you planning to change the interiors layouts and designs of your home? A great platform is there to assist you as it is one of the AR apps that is made for home improvements, and provides the facility to the users to browse and buy products in-app, using e-commerce functionality.

After installation, you will see the “ View in My Room” feature as it uses AR technology. It enables the user to see the products in his home using 3D technology and try harder to show the products in different lighting so that the customers can choose where will it look best


  1. IKEA palace


IKEA palace is one of the most useful apps of AR, used for iPhone and android and their main focus is also on home decor.

Just install this and leave the rest of the decoration on it as it is all in all responsible for the decoration and decides itself which item will look best in what place. The users must enjoy the IKEA experience because it provides easy drag and drops functionality plus to see various colors and shades.


Augmented reality _IKEA


  1. YouCam makeup


You might be thinking that AR technology is just limited to decor houses and suggest interior designs. But, you might be wrong here as it also offers features and apps about the artistry of cosmetics.

Choosing makeup for skin might be risky like when you buy it in a physical store. You try different shades and choose what goes with your skin tone but it may be the illusions and might not be suitable for a selfie. So, using AR technology you can try tons of brands in a suitable light.


  1. GIPHY world


If you see the world from the GIPHY world’s point of view. You will definitely find it more colorful and imaginative. These apps join animated GIFs and AR and turn photos and videos in the canvasses for 3D graphics.

GIPHY world is the best way to add colors and innovations to your social media content. It will surely give an extra flair to your audience.


Augmented reality _ Giphy


  1. Snapchat


You must be a Snapchat user but you may be unaware that it is also an AR application that offers several effects and self-destructive images in a fun way. Brands can subsume Snapchat marketing and here augmented reality is into their strategies to cheat and investigate into a variety of branded filets.


Vuforia Unity


There are different tools and features that you probably require of an SDK to create your augmented reality app. Vuforia is one of those popular tools that are available in the market.

Vuforia is one of those most relevant and appropriate toolkits that are based on the set of features they provide and the value of their money.

It is considered to be the leading portal for AR application development, having a broad set of features.


What can Vuforia augmented reality SDK do?


It can do a lot for us by recognizing multiple objects like boxes, images, cylinders, and toys. Also, it can support text recognition of up to 1,000.000 words or a custom vocabulary. Also, it allows the users to create customized Vumarks, which give an eye-catching look than the simple QR-code.

Using the smart terrain feature allows creating a 3D geometric map of any environment. In addition to the facility to turn the static image into a full-motion video that can be played directly on the target, which makes it different from other tools. Supporting both cloud and local storage and an offer to provide a unity plugin makes it worth noticing.

It is supported by various platforms like Unity, iOS, Android, and the universal window platform.

Price: free version, classic version – $499 one time, cloud – $99 per month, and the pro version is available for commercial use.


Fectar App


Fectar is one of those amazing apps used to view synergetic 3D presentations in reality, which is called augmented reality. Don’t you have an expensive phone? It can be used on the average smartphone, as well as both in iOS and Android. But, you need to download this app to view all sorts of amazing content for free.


Why do users love Fectar?


The makers started building a Fectar app about a year ago and launched on January 20, 2020. It got 4.2 ratings with almost more than 2500 reviews which are really appreciating. So, go ahead and use it to set up your own channel and get followers for 3D presentation. These million installations worldwide make it more reliable than others.

More than a million people can currently get access to AR technology as it has almost changed the way we shop, collaborate, play games, learn, and many more. This app provides the facility to experience whole new things as there are tons of spaces available.


Do you want to create your own interactive 3D presentation?


The first thing is to point out that you can do it without any technical skills as it is free for all viewers so you can join, enjoy and share knowledge.

To do this, the creators have developed the creator tool to prepare your own 3D presentations.


Fectar Studio: A creator tool

  1. Design your presentation
  2. Create 3D space
  3. Publish and share
  4. Analyze




In this post ” Augmented reality “, I tried to give you the whole picture of what is Augmented Reality. Also, explain the idea and how to benefit from it.


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