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Hey Gaming Community, We are going to rate a new game which is Biomutant.

Biomutant is a post-war open-world RPG and nature World takeover starring talking animals.


Biomutant information


  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Developer: Experiment 101
  • Release date: May 25, 2021
  • Type: Action RPG
  • Age classification: +12
  • Game Age: 30 hours (approximate)
  • Game hardware: Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Similar Games: Darksiders 2


Biomutant’s Pros



The graphics are bright and full of color, in an open and large world similar to that of Enslaved: Journey to the West. There are poisonous areas, underground tunnels, fields, mountains, forests, and deserts.

The game’s world is inspired by Asian Fighting movies and games like Fallout, The Last Of Us, and the aforementioned Enslaved game. The performance especially on the new generation excellent.



There are a lot of weapons inside the game. There are various weapons, both those that require one hand or two hands and there are also pistols, and you can develop and develop your abilities to use them.

As an RPG there are abilities you can learn. Biogenetics and Psi-Powers are special skills such as fire or poison transmission or quick navigation, a fast-action fighting game that can jump, hit, and Dodge.



As an RPG you can develop and detail your character as you want, choose its faction and clothing (which you can also make from raw materials).

There are options that push you dark or light in your morals, affect the abilities you can have and you can make your goal to save or destroy the tree of life, Build alliances with other tribes or fight them, a good detail makes each player a different experience.


Biomutant review

Game Variety

The variety in the game, Biomutant also includes animals and boats that you can use to navigate, and even you can use a robot to fight and navigate in poisonous places.


The Story

The story is presented in the form of a narrator who comments on what is happening and translates what the other characters say, with random comments during gameplay, and is similar in performance to that of Little Big Planet.


Biomutant’s Cons


  1. The game lacks refinement in its charges and the movement of its characters which looks primitive, especially in film.
  2. It also borrows a lot of its elements from other games without offering them better.
  3. The combat system sometimes seems messy with no proper reaction to make it fun.
  4. With limited artificial intelligence, many fights become easier and less headache if you just shoot enemies from a distance.
  5. The story is presented in a simple and superficial way, although there is a good opportunity to present a good story.




Biomutant is a previous generation game but the resolution on PS5 remains 1080p, while on Xbox Series X it is 4K, and On Series S it works on 1080p and 1440p with better performance on 1080p.


Official Video





There are many ideas in the game and quite a variety of worlds and systems, But they all lack refinement. There is no single factor that elevates the experience to be more than a pleasant experience without what distinguishes it.

Source: Vga4a


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