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Blue Hosting Review

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blue hosting review
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Blue Hosting Review

Introduction on Blue Hosting Review

Welcome in in3case, Blue Hosting Review gonna be our piece for you fellas today.

Nowadays, everyone is on a mobile phone, doing various tasks, someone is just using it for entertainment, some use it for study purposes and most of the people are using tools like laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones for business purposes. Well, we are easy enough just to type our requirements and get the results accordingly. Ever happened? You searched about the biggest animal in the world and got results about the popular machines in Australia. If you are headshaking in the answer. You just understood my point but we don’t even bother to think about the base and the provider. Yes, have you ever thought? That someone would be behind the search engine who is just showing exact and accurate results.

Well, this is all the magic of technology that has provided us with so many features to bring peace to our lives, and this kind of hosting is one of them.



As the name suggests, it serves as a host and is the type of internet hosting that enables the users, companies, and organizations to create and make websites accessible via the world wide web. A large number of people are taking advantage and running their business through this.


Blue Hosting

An endurance international group owned this blue host, a web hosting company. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts that are hosting almost 2 million domains collectively. It owns various hosting raiders like HostGator and page.

The features and system would obviously be strong enough to enable millions into the market. No doubt, it is a great server along with strong customer services, uptime, and value for money. It would be the best provider if you need a host for WordPress sites.


What blue host provides? 

This US-based service provider enables the users with different features, hosting-related products from domain name to WordPress hosting, let’s have a quick overview of them.


Domain names

The users can buy a domain name directly from the blue host, and the starting rates are almost 17.99$ a year and these are not cheap ones. Although, personally I love the domain name NameCheap and it is cheaper and easy to manage.


Shared hosting

You should consider a shared hosting plan if you are working on a large project or you need to freak around with your server’s configuration. The shared host price goes from 8.99$ to 25.99$ per month. This is a kind of sharing a flat, when you share a flat, you will have your own hosting space.


WordPress hosting

Bluehost is much focused on WordPress hosting services. It is almost made for WordPress sites and has ew additional features like a staging area. It costs almost 29.99$ per month and even more expensive than SiteGround.



VPS stands for the virtual private server and stands between the shared hosting and dedicated one. When you share a server with other clients, there will be a wall between your and others’ projects and is preferable for those who need special server configuration ( using a specified programming language ) this also costs like WordPress hosting starting from 29.99$ but extended to 119.99$ at Bluehost.


Dedicated server

It is a valuable server for those websites that produce heavy traffic and need a top-performing server, you can imagine it as your own house in which no one can disturb your privacy and is dedicated to you. A hosting plan is around 124.99/month.


Bluehost ensures security

Security is the first and foremost feature of any hosting domain. While talking about Bluehost’s security, the SSL certificate ( secure sockets layer ) is proof for the users that what they share on this website will be 100% secure and safe.

Padlock icon and HTTPS, at the beginning of any website, are the indication of this certificate. Every Bluehost plan is served with the SSL certificate so the users don’t need to panic about insecurities regarding the information shared on this website.

Everything has pros and cons, we can’t only rely on the pros so let’s read about blue hosting for further info and details.


Bluehost Pros

  • Dependable server uptime: It guarantees a super competitive uptime of 99.98%
  • Seamless WordPress integration: We have read that Bluehost does a great favor to WordPress sites though it’s not an easy task to set up a WordPress site through Bluehost.
  • Budget level pricing: After the first year, prices are competitive yet. And provides a variety of prices and packages which means it is an affordable option for many the website

Bluehost Cons

  • Additional cost: many optional add-ons will slip into your cart at checkout and the rest depends on you to uncheck them before you buy.
  • Storage: in hosting websites, storage matters the most, although Bluehost offers a small amount of storage on its basic package as compared to the competitors.

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Blue Hosting Review
  • Performance
  • Price over value
  • Customer Support

Pros & Cons


  • Dependable server uptime
  • Seamless WordPress integration
  • Budget level pricing


  • Additional cost
  • Storage

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