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Do I really need to buy a Chromebook?

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Do I really need to buy a Chromebook?
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Do I really need to buy a Chromebook?


“Do I really need to buy a Chromebook?” is our question for you. However, we going to share our thoughts and experiences with you in the next sections. At the end of the review, we gonna know.

Whatever the matter is, confusion exists, whether it is about a business, or carrying on a job. Youngsters are confused about their future. What they should choose to study and what to leave. Some of the people also get confused about what to eat at night or at lunch. Well, it happens, but with the advancement in technology, people only think about their devices and desire to buy the latest ones but brands and companies of mobile phones, ProBook, computers, and laptop are increasing rapidly that it has confused the public that what should they buy and these days, the same case is with the Chromebooks.

In the past, laptops were considered to be the great inventions of the makers but now they have updated those things and we are enjoying them but also confused as to whether we should buy them or not? It is mostly happening in the case of Chromebooks.


Why are Chromebooks a hot topic?

You may have noticed most of the people talking about Chromebooks, whether they are working or in the gathering, it is a hot topic as it enables people to buy it within their budget’s range and it Is shockingly less than $500 which is designed to perform lightweight tasks including, playing games, typing documents, browsing via the internet, using Facebook, streaming videos, in short, a simple and easy to do tasks.


Can Chromebooks replace laptops?

The most asked question is if we buy a Chromebook, should we buy a laptop along with it? Well, it depends on your work and usage, if you are running a high standard business or working from home, which needs many software and hungry apps, go for a laptop with heavy storage and better battery timing, on the other hand, if you are a rare computer user and have specific purposes like documenting or other lightweight works, Chromebooks would be a better choice as well as you will get to know the sensitivity and advancement of this latest device.


The highlighted advantages of Chromebooks

These are fast, stable, and much cheaper than normal laptops.

There are fewer chances of malware attacks on the Chromebook than on other computers.

You don’t need to spend money on physical storage.

Chromebooks are far away from the mechanical faults as there is no additional device attached to them.


Chromebooks are less vulnerable to viruses

Most of the work is close-based so the users don’t need to install additional software, and software in the device means fewer risks of attacks or viruses. Still, there is something different in it which is called phishing, it is also fraud which can grab the user’s sensitive information like passwords and credit card details ( but it is different from viruses and malware ) so at least you can save your money by stop bothering about the expenditures on anti-virus software, and also no need to pay a professional account or information recoverer to get your information back from the nice and trusted ones but created a mess when you opened a received mail or link from them.


Travelers should prefer the Chromebook

If you have to travel twice a week, or several times in the month, these Chromebooks will be of great use for the travelers, it is light weighted, thin, and easy to pick ( because of no additional and moving parts ) and due to less additional parts, the battery stays longer.

But, during traveling, it gets difficult to be online due to a lack of Internet connection. But, technology has also solved this problem and introduced small ways of connections like via hotspot and other portable devices. Still, sounds impossible? It also enables many features to work offline like chrome apps ( Gmail is unforgettable ). However, you have to plan ahead to use them afterward.


Chromebooks in education

Whatever the device is, it could help businessmen, job seekers, and all the individuals in their field, and especially helpful for the students as it is light in weight, easy to carry, and have excellent battery life, as they are lazy enough to recharge the devices again and again so they can easily enjoy their studies in the classroom.

Especially in the pandemic when they are bound to take online classes, these devices assist them a lot in reducing stress and frustrations in the atmosphere.



  • One of the major drawbacks from the educational point of view is, the candidates can only use and install limited software otherwise it will affect its functionality and battery life.
  • It can’t be used by businessmen for multiple projects
  • You can’t install the full version of Microsoft apps
  • This is not suitable for gaming purposes


The bottom line

Hopefully, this article will help you to decide whether you want to buy a laptop or a Chromebook. Well, everything is not perfect in any device but it’s up to your ease and use, so decide accordingly, the choice is yours!

Do I really need to buy a Chromebook?
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