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What is Final Fantasy XIV?

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What is Final Fantasy XIV?



Final fantasy xiv is one of the most stunning and visually appealing MMOs on the market but there’s a major flaw with the game that causes it to be misunderstood and it’s that final fantasy xiv early game is pretty damn rough.

MMORPGs are characteristically difficult to get into and will always have a high barrier of entry. You have a lot to learn which is both fun and exciting but can also be daunting for new players.

However, final fantasy xiv in my opinion has one of the weakest new player experiences among the genre. It has pathing navigation that’s non-intuitive in some areas. A lot of new mechanics to learn, the combat is slow and sluggish at low levels, and before you advanced further into the game you don’t have many spells or abilities to work with.

But, if you can make it past the early game, it is awesome. It’s seriously one of the best MMO experiences on the market. So, enough messing around let’s get you started in the game.

Firstly, I’ll explain two terms to define the concept of Final Fantasy 14.


What MMO means?


A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG, or as common, MMO) is an online game with huge numbers of players, exceeds hundreds or thousands, on the same server.


What MMORPG means?


A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), and Final Fantasy XIV which was developed and published by Square Enix is considered MMORPG.


Patches, Release Date, and Expansions of FF 14


[table id=4 /]


What is Final Fantasy XIV?


Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Square Enix. Directed and produced by Naoki Yoshida.

After the original release, to initiate the 7th Umbral Calamity, an apocalyptic event that destroys Eorzea, the primal dragon Bahamut escapes. With the gods’ blessing, the player character escapes the great destruction by time-traveling 5 years into the future. In the meantime, Eorzea is recovering and rebuilding, the player must face the impending threat of conquering by the Garlean Empire from the north.


Final fantasy xiv scene


Important note on Picking a server on FF 14


Be mindful when picking a server as they are grouped into data centers there’s no interaction between servers on different data centers so if you’re looking to play with your friends make sure you’re in the same grouping.


What are the FF14 classes?


Classes in Final Fantasy 14 are called jobs and can be confusing at first. So, let’s break it down, these are the beginning jobs that you will pick from. When you make a character they each advance into their endgame form at level 30 and we’ll get more abilities.


What classes at the start of FF 14?


Here’s a full table on FF xiv Jobs, what each job turns into once you get there, and full details about each job:


[table id=5 /]


What’s cool is one character can freely switch between all jobs in the game. So, you don’t have to make any alt characters to play a Final Fantasy 14.


What are the unlocked Jobs of Final Fantasy XIV?


These next jobs are unlocked later in the game and cannot be selected at the character creation. So, you have to select something else if you’re looking to play any of these jobs. Here are the unlocked jobs:

  • Dark Knight, astrology, and machinist are unlocked at level 30.

So, you can switch to these jobs without starting over at level 1 to get to level 30, and unlock these jobs you’ll still be level 30.

  • Red Mage and Samurai start at level 50.
  • Gun breaker, Blue Mages, and dancer are the latest additions to the game and they start at level 60.


Ask In-Game, Final Fantasy 14 Community


Lastly, your patron and sign mean nothing. So, don’t fret over that. If you have any questions, when you’re playing, ask in-game as Final Fantasy 14 has easily the most welcoming and friendly communities on the Internet

Now the early game combat is slow and sluggish a nearly 2.5-second global cooldown and a lack of ability variety means you’ll have to muscle through. Remember, it gets much better later on so Survive!


What are Fates in Final Fantasy XIV?


Fates are world events that give you XP based on your contribution and are a great source of XP as you travel from zone to zone.

You unlock dungeons at level 15 and after this point, dungeons become a viable way of leveling. It’s also worth it to do your daily rule. It’s once you have dungeons available in your duty menu as they give you huge rewards each day.

Early leveling consists of completing hunting logs which are challenges that give you XP for completing them. Any monster that completes a hunting log for you will have a special icon next to it. So, be sure to hunt these down.

You can buy food items in town they give you a small experience boost. To aid with leveling pick up guys all greens and some of your Chocobo companion who will fight with you, you can customize it using the companion screen with different play styles.


Final fantasy xiv how to download


Ground area-of-effect attacks IN FF 14


Now, here’s something that I wished I learned immediately upon starting FFXIV. It took me a little bit to figure out how it worked. So, let me skip you ahead, you’ll see lots of ground area-of-effect attacks in your PvE encounters.

You only have to avoid the ground in bitter though not the effects you see afterward. This means if the ground indicator is gone, you are free to move back into that area without fear of taking damage even if visual effects are playing. So, keep this in mind all you have to do is avoid the ground indicator.


The main quests in Final Fantasy XIV


The biggest hurdle you need to overcome when you’re first starting in final fantasy 14 is completing the main story quests line for the game. Each expansion has one and you will be gated from content until you finish them all. So, your big goal is to get through the main story quests which will always be appeared in the top left corner of your screen.

Luckily you only need to do this once per character and doing so will give you enough XP to reach max level on one job.

I thoroughly enjoyed the main storyline for having sword and Shadowbringers, in particular, they’re a treat.


How to equip the character with the best possible gear in FF 14?


For the proudly lazy folks, there is a button in your character screen to automatically equip the best possible gear you have in your armory inventory. You can use this until you get higher levels some easy way to gear up until you want to get into the mid-maxing of your stats and equipment.


Inventories in Final Fantasy XIV


You have two inventories in this game, your normal inventory and your armory chests which is a control eye on PC. This will contain all your gear that’s available for swapping and your regular inventories for other items.


Can you play Final Fantasy 14 without a subscription?


Final Fantasy XIV Online (a.k.a. FF14 MMO) is a subscription-based MMORPG that requires a base game, expansion pack, and subscription purchase. There is also a free trial with no time limit, but it has a level limit and some social restrictions.


How can I play Final Fantasy 14 for free?


Free trial players can create up to eight playable characters, limited to one playable character per world. Level 60 is the maximum level you can get to. Free trial account characters have a maximum of 300,000 Gil (in-game currency). And more restrictions, you can find on this link.


Is ff14 free on Steam?


Yes, it is. but as a trial version only. So, if you want to go further and open all the restrictions, you have to buy the game. Therefore, This FF 14 gameplay version will allow you to play for up to 60 levels for free as your favorite Final Fantasy class.


Where do I download FF14?


On this page, you will find all the links you need to download FF14 Gameplay.


FFXIV Mac Minimum System Requirements 2020


[table id=6 /]


FFXIV Windows Minimum System Requirements 2020


[table id=7 /]


Tips on Final Fantasy XIV


  • To repair your gear when you’re traveling about look for the hammer icon on your map indicating that an arms mender is located there.
  • Some abilities are locked behind job quests so keep an eye out for those in the top left corner.
  • Jobs are defined by their soul item and the weapon you’re using. So, once you switch to the correct gear set, you will become of that job.
  • Can also drag these gear set icons to your Hotbar tune select them instantly and change jobs with ease.
  • I won’t dig into the deep dungeons but it is worth mentioning that after the main story quests give you tons of XP.
  • There is an efficient way to level other jobs in the deep dungeons once you unlock these levels 1 through 61, which can be completed inside the Palace of the Dead.
  • And levels 61 through 70 inside heaven on high and these deep dungeons are actually at a higher level even if your character’s level 1 there’s a lot of grinding and some cool mechanics that go in.


Final fantasy xiv




In conclusion, that’s it. I covered all the basics and things I’ve learned when playing Final Fantasy xiv and things should that help you get started into the game. I have tried to gather all the important info to help you make the 1st step into FFXIV.


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