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Fortnite Download Problem Solved

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Fortnite Download Problem Solved
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Fortnite Download Problem Solved


Hey Parents and kids, Hey Everyone. Through the tremendous popularity of Fortnite, Issues pop up on the surface. Therefore, we came with a solution for you all. Continue reading our article ” Fortnite Download Problem Solved ” to find out.

Kids are always been interested in playing, where they are playing outside or indoor games, they always enjoy like games, are the sources of kids enjoyment, ages don’t’ matter, what matter is, how and what to play, however, parents get conscious of what they are doing with life as they want them to set the career and they think that they are wasting their lives with this. They study, but they also need some enjoyment and relaxation, well, the parents should also understand that nothing is wrong with letting their kids play a game specially made for them, Fortnite released by epic games in 2017.

What happened?

As a large number of kids are playing and enjoying this game from all over the world, in fact, parents also start playing with their kids by getting impressed with its features and attractive interface. So the issues occur either technical, internet, or device issues can occur which can be the major source of frustration for the players.

Although the downloading speed can also slow down especially when downloading through epic games launcher. Downloads are stuck at a certain point and don’t give a fully downloaded app, however, the team hasn’t yet commented on when they will resolve this issue. But, to resolve this on your pc or laptop, read this article. You will start playing Fortnite immediately without any crashes or technical issues.

Sometimes popularity is an issue

Fortnite is at the peak of its popularity, a new theme battle royale came across a few months ago showing multiple people to play together at one time. This game is called Battle Royal in which it’s the matter of hundreds of players and the one who is standing till the last, declares to be the winner, and the big reason for its popularity among the public is it is free and has low PC requirements so anyone can play this game.

However, the ratio of downloading this game is increasing day by day so the servers of epic game launchers have to face downloading difficulties due to the download load on it. It is just not only about the downloading issue, Fortnite keeps on updating the software, so the users have to face the upgrade issues also which is not less frustrating than downloading issues.

Now, if you are downloading Fortnite and it is stuck through an epic game launcher and no other way can take you out of it than the solution discussed on this page.

According to epic games, mostly the problem arises due to heavy traffic of downloads in your router which is struggling with the number of connections at the same time, and when you apply to download various apps or games simultaneously, the router doesn’t allow you to download a single one.

Fortnite Download Problem Solved | Easy Steps

Windows Users

First, find out, app data folder in your local disk C, the way which should be something with the lines of computer> local disk C> username>appdata>local epic game launcher>save then configure window.

Keep in mind that the app data folder is almost hidden under the default settings. So I must have to make some changes to find this out.

Do this, follow the below discuss steps:

  • Open window explorer and tap on, organize.
  • Choose folder and search option
  • You will see the “ view “ tab.
  • Look for“ hidden files and folders “
  • Then select “ Show hidden files “
  • Click on ” save the changes “

So, these settings are just for Windows users.

Mac Users

For them, it will be library>preferences>unreal engine>epic games launcher>Mac.

This setup is also hidden so if you want access to it, go to “ folders “ and copy-paste the address to find out the exact location.

Once you have found the folder. Open the file “ engine “ and maybe something other according to your set.

Remember, before opening a file, go to its properties and uncheck the read-only option. Because if the system would be read-only, you will not be able to edit it.

Once you have done all the setting, go to the end of the fire and paste the link there:

[portal.buildpatch] Chunkdownloads=3

Save the changes in the file and click the ok button. Now you have to restart your epic game launcher and try downloading again. You will notice a change and your download will not stick at any point.

Still, a problem occurs? Change the value in the link with =2 or 1, and try that again.


If you are still facing the same issue instead of switching the codes above, ask for help from the epic game launcher’s team. Discuss all the issues with them and apply the method of the technique they suggest. You will Fortnite through epic games launchers smoothly soon.


I summed up in this article ” Fortnite Download Problem Solved ” the solutions to fix your Fortnite’s download issues through the epic game launcher. With some easy steps that you have to follow you will be able to play the lovely Fortnite. Fortnite Download Problem Solved

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