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Galaxy buds review

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Galaxy Buds Review
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Galaxy buds review


Hey fellas, here we go again with the new article ” Galaxy buds Review “.

Mobile companies have put their users in so much peace that they always depend on them. Wait for the launch of new items and devices to add them to make their life full of luxuries. Now, there is nothing new in knowing that Samsung and Apple have launched products like phones, tablets, AirPods, laptops, etc for their lovers.

But, here I have really big news for the amusing liver it is launched a true pair of wireless earbuds (in March 2019 ) to increase their advancement sound the globe, it is not just about the true wireless lover but a casual listener can also receive calls and listen to his favorite music in a high-quality sound effect and can enjoy a crystal clear background performance.


Do Whom Samsung galaxy buds serve?

The first thing to be pointed out is that these Samsung earbuds would be a gift for those who have placed an order for galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. So, it will be an additional item for them.

In Contrast, it doesn’t point the android users to use these earbuds with their iPhone or other android devices as these galaxy earbuds are cooperative with AAC Bluetooth codec, minimizing perceptible lag being used with iPhones.


What’s in the box?

The customer will get the following accessories in the box when they will receive their ordered galaxy earbuds.


  • Different sizes of wingtips are meant to allow for a secure fit until the malleable silicon last convenient for all-day
  • The earbuds
  • USB charging cable
  • A quick guide to start
  • A wireless charging case
  • Various size ear tips enable the user to put them in the ear comfortably but these are not for every user as everyone has their own ear size, so it’s up to you to try them and go with the best one.


Galaxy’s iconic features

Wireless charging cases, I must say, are an excellent feature of these earbuds. The galaxy buds are placed into a small, oval container, using a tiny magnet and can be placed using any Qi wireless charges.

The galaxy buds can also be charged by turning out the smartphone into an extra wireless charge.

Now, the user just has to say “ play my morning playlist “ or any other saved, that’s how they can enjoy the music even without touching the smartphone or earbuds using  Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant.

The galaxy buds are automatically attached to audio technology by AKG acoustics. It was obtained by Samsung in 2016 due to its specialization in sound isolation and rich music experience.

It would be the best option if you are outside or even in a rushy area because its adaptive dual-microphone deals with the background noise and enhances the performance plus it keeps on switching between inner and outer mics according to the situation around you.


Use the galaxy wearable app

Galaxy buds have many similar features like Sony WF-1000XM3 which offers ease to your ears to hear your surroundings. Here, the galaxy wearable app is recommended for customizing the left and right ear panels’ playback control plus touch also facilitate virtual assistance access and ambient sound mode activation.

Using wearable apps enables you to set your preferred EQ option, like soft, dynamic, clear, and bass boost. In addition, there is a menu below where you can set the specific to speak aloud to your earbuds.

Ambient sound mode enables the user to be active or permanently than temporary activation. This app also provides so many extra features like “ find my earbuds “ and can also check updates and their installation.



Like all the items and products, galaxy earbuds have specs. But here, Samsung galaxy earbuds have made a major improvement from the gear icon including:

  • These earbuds come up with a 58mAh battery for each bud and Samsung says they can be last long for six hours
  • There is a 252mAh battery inside the charging case which provide multiple charging techniques before its drainage
  • It comes up with the Bluetooth 5.0
  • It is equipped with an accelerometer, touch detector, and proximity sensors


Are these buds made for workouts?

On talking about, running, for athletes, and for a general workout, it is considered to be the fine pair of buds but its IPX2 certification is much disappointing. It can work comfortably during a heavy workout. If you want a long time use of these helpful earbuds. Just keep them away from water and avoid them during swimming to enjoy them during exercise or workout plus the wingtips are also a great help for this but the volume in RHA TrueConnet 2 is missing.


What about the microphone?

The integrated microphone arrangement is ought to record the incoming human voice. Then, pass it on rather than recording the music the makers have narrowed down the microphone frequency to respond to the bounds of human voices. But there is a problem with combat problem sounds that come a little louder than other consonants and vowels and nearly all kinds of earbuds users have faced this problem.



To sum up, with many great features, six hours of battery life, and a fantastic price. You should consider it in your choices.

Finally, I wish you liked our article ” Galaxy buds Review “.

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Galaxy buds review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Price



  • Six hours of battery life
  • Sweatproof
  • Light, comfortable fit
  • Wireless charging case



  • Only 7 hours of battery in case

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