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GoDaddy Review

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godaddy review
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GoDaddy Review

Introduction on GoDaddy Review

Welcome to our new article ” GoDaddy Review “, I wish that it be useful for you fellas.

There are millions of websites are working on through the internet and the users are taking advantage of them just by typing the keywords on the internet plus these websites also provide different ways of earning and transactions. Trading, a well-known task done by the domains. It is the source of huge business for most of the people around the globe.

There are so many websites that are providing shared hosting and GoDaddy is one of them and according to BuiltWith, 1 in every 20 websites seems to be hosted by GoDaddy. It is working with almost 20 million customers over 10,000 employees and is managing over 80 minion domains.

Here we are going to talk about GoDaddy in detail, keep reading for further information.


Products provided by GoDaddy

It offers a variety of products with different available plans, so let’s discuss some of them.


Large domain name register

If you want to own a domain, GoDaddy is the most useful as it provides the largest domain names including, .com, .org, .net, .law, and many more.

A .com domain is considered to be the most common one but to charge 11.99$ at first then 17.99$ after, but not a cheap one.


shared hosting plans

It also provides a shared hosting plan, it costs between 7.99$ to 24.99$ for continuation, you can share a server with other clients with this kind of hosting. If you have medium or small projects just go with this as it doesn’t perform well in larger projects.


WordPress optimized shared hosting service

Most of the providers enable this offer to their users. They offer WordPress pre-installed and select from the available themes and want to prepare their servers for high-quality performance. It charges 9.99$/month when you renew


Godaddy’s VPN plans

These plans are made of special server configuration needs. Having administrative access you will be able to configure your service to your priorities, it has much better performance than a shared hosting plan and starts from 6$/month ( self-hosted ) and can go $174/month.


Dedicated hosting package

If GoDaddy’s VPS plan is not suitable for your site, just go for a dedicated hosting package. It offers a private system for your work and no one can distract you from being focused on your project. But its rates are also higher, meeting a high-quality performance as it costs $149.99/ month, which can be much more expensive.


Email-hosting plan

Here we have a new feature at GoDaddy because not all of the shared hosting websites are providing this offer, but you must have a professional-looking email like, etc. the starting rate is $5.99 per month per user for 10GB of email storage.


Information about GoDaddy’s price

If your website is using too many resources and having much traffic. So, you must have information about GoDaddy’s price plans.

Have a quick look at them.


Economy plan

This plan is suitable for those who want 1 host and 1 domain service plus don’t want the storage of more than 100GB. The database limitation is 10 and SSL certification is excluded.


Deluxe tire

It has much similar features and specs as the economy plan, but it provides you with a database of 25 and you can host countless websites with it.


Ultimate plan

If you need a high-quality performance ( like 2CPUs + 1GB data ) just go with it. The additional advantage is the free SSL certificate with an unlimited database.


Maximum tire

It offers 2Gb of memory.


Pros & cons

No doubt, GoDaddy is one of the largest domain name registrars with tons of web storage and good performance but flaws happen and the same is with GoDaddy’s domain.



Easy to use: The valuable thing is the usage of any system or domain, when it is easy then everyone wants to work on it, and GoDaddy services and interfaces are easy to use that encourage beginners.

It provides OKish speed. Along with window-based hosting.

All the files can’ be more than 250,000 files. Last but not the least, each traffic plan on your site won’t be limited.



Cons matter more than pros and the reviewers don’t feel hesitant to speak about the disadvantages, so some of them are as follows.

Some of the websites offer deals for the users but it doesn’t offer cheap deals and it gets more expensive when you buy SSL certificates and basic addons.

Its uptime is below 99.05% standard.

You have to buy add-on plans because there is no back-hand plan

You need to pay for an SSL certificate which is very useful these days

The users have to face the lack of advanced  features like staging area and git repositories

As other hosting websites are providing migration services but here it doesn’t offer migration services.


When GoDaddy’s hosting should be preferred?

If you want to use GoDaddy’s hosting, set aside a heavy budget first as it is a bit expensive especially when you purchase add-ons. Swell would be a good choice for those who want generous storage plus don’t measure your traffic and its window-based hosting service can also be a good point for the defense.


After Finishing our Article ” GoDaddy Review “, here it is some links that could be interesting too.



GoDaddy Review
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Customer Support



  • Easy to use


  • Uptime below standard
  • Price Plans
  • It doesn’t offer migration services

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