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HostGator transfer websites

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HostGator transfer websites
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HostGator transfer Websites


Hey fellas, HostGator transfer Websites is the article today, Enjoyable reading.

Nothing seems to be a difficult task nowadays, just because we’re such tools and software that are meant to help is whatever task we are doing, it is all just due to the advancement of technology that is giving a helping hand the business and online woking hat make everything easy and instant in fact it is just far away within few clicks.

Millions of people are working at home, running their huge business, but there is a source on which this process is done and it is done through the software and the websites.

There are so many websites that are serving with strong customer support and help to ensure quality results but there is an individual who is the boss and leads the other and meant to provide excellent services to their users. I must say the HostGator is one of them.


HostGator services

Hostgator specializes in providing an easy-to-use service to transfer the sites to new hosting accounts. It is not limited to a limited or single transfer but enables the transfer of website files, databases, scripts, and one free domain registration transfer.

If you have an additional domain you can also transfer it to Hostgator


What qualifies the user for the free transfer?

Hostgator enables a limited number of free transfers from other hosting providers or inter-server transfers and you can have one free transfer within the 30 days of signing up but you have to fill out a transfer form that contains all the necessary information or your verification.

Well, if you have used your free transfer once and now and you are out of those 30 free days but you still want the HostGator to move your content so for this, you have to fill out the transfer form and then you will be provided with a quote for the transfer.


Free transfer by hosting plan

The number of free transfers depends on which type of account you are signing for. So, for further details, read the chart below:

Total free transfer: the total number of websites that would be moved by the Hostgator.

Full cPanel transfer: it includes the number of cPanel to cPanel transfer

Max. manual transfer: it means that the maximum number of manual transfers will be moved.

On talking about the cPanel to cPanel transfer, the HostGator can do an unlimited transfer but the number is limited in the manual transfer. Things included in cPanel transfer are, domains, sub-domains, add-ons, and cPanel settings plus it need some of the personal information like email accounts but you don’t need to be worried about your previous host’s cPanel backup generator being active.

A maximum number of free manual transfer for each VPN plan

  • Snappy8000 – 90 manual transfer
  • Snappy4000 – 70 manual transfer
  • Snappy2000 – 50 manual transfer
  • Snappy1000 – 30 manual transfer
  • Snappy500 – o manual transfer


Optimized WordPress transfer

( starter, standard, business ) 

WordPress XML import/export and command lines tools to install plugins and themes are used for his transfer. Those themes and plugins that are already available on, can be installed and the paid themes are provided to the migration theme for the installation from our ends.

cPanel access is not included in optimized WordPress, so full cPanel migration can’t be possible.


Dedicated transfer

(value, power, enterprise )

The dedicated transfer provides 100 manual transfers or an unlimited cPanel transfer. The transfer is offered free within 30 days ( as discussed above ) and you are out of this free service and will get a price request according to the requirement.

If you come with another cPanel server when the server is running cPanel then you will be offered a full unlimited cPanel account server


Types of transfer

There are three types of transfer plans that can be used while migrating current hosting plans to a new hosting plan.


Inter-server transfer

It is a transfer between two physical servers. Moving from a shared to a reseller account, moving from a reseller to a VPS account, or moving from a shared reseller or VPS to a dedicated server.are a few examples of moving an old hosting account to the new one.


Intra-server transfer

This transfer can be successful if both the accounts are on the same server. It includes updates such as baby-to-business snappy 100 VPS to snappy 2000 VPS, aluminum reseller to copper reseller. It is an “ in place “ process in which no files are moved and the limits of the account are raised.


Manual transfer

The manual transfer includes works such as spitting addons domains into cPanel accounts plus it includes those things that are not cPanel to cPanel transfer. A few examples of manual transfer are, transferring from a host without cPanel, moving addon domain to an addon domain, moving Cpanel account to an addon domain. moving addon domain to cPanel account and anything that can not be packed and then can replace with no additional work


Sites we cannot work with

Hostgator is well known for its migration service but there are technical limitations for some of the sites. The list is as follows:

  • Vistaprint
  • Wix
  • Website tonight
  • Intuit
  • MobileMe
  • Google site

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