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Hostinger Review

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Hostinger review
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Hostinger Review

Introduction of Hostinger Review

In this article, we gonna make a ” Hostinger Review ” one of the best web hosting companies.

Have you ever noticed? While working on what we write on the search engine we get the same results. We enjoy podcasts, online movies, find material on specific sites, and mostly we try to find the same site for the other material as we find them much informative and reliable. There is a large number of websites working on the internet. So whatever your field is, if you need any help from these websites. They are always there for you and the most important aspect is your business. So, if you are thinking about expanding or starting a new one. You need something for that and the topmost would be a web host.

For this purpose, Hostinger is one of the best options which offer a solid and dependable plan that you or your organization can get within no time.


The list of plans

  • Shared hosting: it offers shared web-hosting in which you can split the hosting cost resulting in cheap web hosting
  • Vpn hosting: it is the minimum web hosting tire, so it is a good option if you want an online presence for your business plus it gives additional resources than shared hosting.
  • Minecraft hosting instead of dedicated hosting: as the name suggests, dedicated hosting provides a private system for the user but sadly, Hostinger doesn’t allow this. Rather it offers Minecraft hosting which enable the user to install their own game mods, make rules and also enable game advertising
  • WordPress hosting: Hostinger provides three WordPress plans: starter, premium, and business. Starter plan costs $11.95/month, premium costs $29/month while business charge $58/month
  • Cloud hosting: your website is powered by different servers and cloud hosting is a form of web-hosting. It also has three hosting plans; cloud startups, cloud professionals, and google powered cloud globally.
  • Reseller hosting: it is considered to be the best option for those who don’t want to engage themselves in infrastructure matters. It offers cPanel reseller startup and cPanel reseller business.



Apart from all the plans, systems, and offers, the thing that matters the most is how a web hosting service performs and how it serves its users. After all, it is the compulsory feature to let your users enjoy a high-speed service along with high-quality performance to keep your reputation high in the market.

Hostinger offers some special features for better performance

  • SSD ( solid-state drive ) hardware
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Custom-built cache memory

It provides public information about its server’s performance which is mostly avoided by other hosting providers.


Set up a website

Hostinger can build websites in several ways as well as with the company’s own website builder.

Zyro: it is a free tool that has some amazing features including, logo builder, business game generator, and slogan builder plus it produced a truly solid-state test.

AI tools powered, one of the coolest service provided by this:

  • ( It makes unique copies on the selected topic ) AI writer
  • ( Insights on the focus of the visitors ) AI heatmap


E-commerce & security

E-commerce tools are most needed for working online and Hostinger has it in abundance. You can download popular and useful tools like OpenChat, Prestashop and Zencart, and many others by the Hostinger store.

If you want to ensure the privacy and security of your website, you can assure that by using hosting special resources like SSL certificates that are already attached with some of the plans and if not, you can buy a separate one. The purpose of this security is to prevent your website from the visitors ( they may be scammers ) especially if you are selling products in an open market. You can also sign up for Cloudflare protection for $19.99. It is the tool that secures your website or account from viruses and threats.


Quality uptime

Uptime matters the most for an online website that estimates the availability of your website. If your site has a good time will be considered dependable while if it has a bad uptime, will be inaccessible and unreliable

During the test over a two-week period. Hostinger prove itself as reliable and have good uptime, in fact, ou test doesn’t go down once during that period


An excellent host

If I call web hosting, the best and amazing hosting service, it might not be wrong as it offers perfect customer service along with outclassing uptime quality and customer service. Things don’t end here as it also behaves as a mixture of traditional cloud-based hosting. It has an easy-to-use interface, which encourages beginners to join this site and it has Minecraft servers for those individuals who want to explore a sandbox video game.

But dull phone support and a lack of dedicated servers is a minor drawback. If you want high-quality performance in a web host then go with the editor’s choice award-winning ace web which has excellent dedicated hosting plans and window servers plus telephone-based support.


Customer support

Hostinger is providing 24/7 support to the customers as if you have faced a problem. You can frequently call the Hostinger customer service squad by hitting up the crew via webchat. The team is fully supported and friendly; they keep in touch unless they solve the problem plus provide appropriate links if needed.

Finally, I hope you like and get good information from our article ” Hostinger Review “.

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Pros & Cons


  • Hostinger is really FAST
  • Faster loading with a cache manager
  • Excellent custom dashboard
  • Responsive support
  • Free domain
  • Plan price
  • The Zyro website builder


  • No daily backup

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