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How to get a blue check on Twitter

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How to get a blue check on Twitter
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How to get a blue check on Twitter



In this post ” How to get a blue check on Twitter “, We are going to give you the complete guide to finishing this task. In addition, we will provide you with all the minimum requirements before you start the process.

Many social network pioneers on Twitter constantly seek to authenticate their own or official accounts. Despite this, Twitter has imposed some restrictions and criteria necessary to complete that process to no avail, as it was difficult to document accounts whatever the actors standing behind her.


Twitter Announcement


Twitter announced on May 20, 2021, that users will be able to apply for the authentication of their Twitter accounts. In this context, Twitter has announced that there will be some new steps and complete until the documentation and get the Blue Label.


Who will be able to get Authenticated on Twitter


Twitter officials said that the feature will not be available to everyone at the same time. But, will take time to reach all users around the world. Engineer and tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong had posted several tweets a few days ago. Some of which included photos of new models waiting to request the authentication of private accounts on the social network Twitter.

According to Twitter, the types of authenticated accounts will include some specific community groups, For instance:

  • Government Agencies
  • Companies
  • Brands
  • Organizations of all kinds
  • News Agencies
  • Journalists
  • Entertainment Professionals
  • Athletes and Gaming Professionals
  • Community Activists
  • Organizers
  • Influential Individuals, and many others.


Minimum Requirments needed to be met to request authentication


According to a blog post posted on Twitter, Twitter will classify documented users as journalists, artists, etc. As is the case with state and state media accounts. The announcement of conditions that must be met in the calculations that are supposed to request authentication.

To clarify, here are the requirements:

  • The account must be general privacy, i.e. not exclusive to followers only.
  • The profile must include a real name, date of birth, and exact information in the bio.
  • A real photo must be used as your profile picture.
  • A phone number and e-mail address, valid and credited to the account, will also be needed.


How to get a blue check on Twitter


Authentication via the Twitter mobile app


To request authentication via the Twitter mobile app:

  1. Head to the Settings and privacy menu.
  2. Tap the Account tab.
  3. Then Request verification.
  4. Then tap Start Request.
  5.  The new application form begins with asking you what type of account is being documented, for which you are applying, Based on filmed and leaked footage.
  6. After that, you will choose a method for documenting the information received.
  7. Options reportedly include, for instance, Google Trends, Wikipedia pages, or links to news coverage articles or official websites if you are applying for a company.
  8. You’ll need to send links to three valid sources that match your chosen authentication method.
  9. Now, you’ll need to verify your identity card, government-issued identification (such as driver’s license or passport), or an official email address or a website linked to the name of your company domain.
  10. After completing all these procedures, you will see a new screen with all your data for review,
  11. And after confirmation, you can press the Submit button.


Official Government vs An Email with a personal name


It is likely that there will be scope to dispense with providing a copy of the official government ID and to use a notarized email with your personal name instead of the ID. So that the email contains your name as the user name and the extension of the organization that includes you as one of its members.


The Waiting Period for documentation


After completing all these steps, Twitter will review your request after sending it. Then, you will be notified not long after.

The waiting period for documentation is supposed to be extended from 7 days to 30 days. If your application is accepted, you will receive the desired blue notarial check. On the other hand, if not, you can wait 30 days from the date of submission and submit a new application.




In conclusion, this post ” How to get a blue check on Twitter ” is providing you all you need to authenticate your Twitter account. Now, you able to do it yourself by following the steps and having the minimum requirements.


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