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Linode Hosting Review

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Linode Hosting Review
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Linode Hosting Review

Greetings, today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite web hosting providers ever. This piece of article will be on Linode hosting review.
I’ll try to be subjective as much as I can. I don’t promise you but I will try. It’s usually because when I work on any project I try to work with the best. I choose every element very carefully as failure is not an option. So, everything must be perfect and fulfill my needs or exceed them.
I’m working with Linode services on all of my own projects. I even referred one of my clients to their services, due to multiple things that will be discussed in this article.
I would assume that you already know what is web hosting and you have the knowledge related to the content of this article.


1.Linode offers Linux VPS servers, starting with 5$/month up to 960$/month.

Depending on your needs you should choose your plan, different options for RAM capacity, Storage, and CPU cores.

With each Linode, you will get a dedicated IP address, you can use ssh to connect with it and integrate your application.

You will also get a different OS to choose from like Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Alpine, Arch, CoreOS, OpenSUSE, Gentoo, Slackware. You could also use a one-click installer to install different applications like cPanel, WordPress, Plesk, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL/MariaDB, Redis, Ruby on Rails, Docker, Django, etc.

countless applications, but I only used WordPress installer, and it did not install properly so I did not use it again.


A single Volume can range from 10 to 10240 gibibytes in size and costs $0.10/GiB per month. Up to eight volumes can be attached to a single Linode.

Volumes must be created in a particular region. You can choose to create a volume in a region and attach it later to a Linode in the same region. If you select a Linode from the field below, the Volume will be automatically created in that Linode’s region and attached upon creation.

Pretty straight forward, If you need extra space for your application you can do so easily.

6.Buckets, similar to AWS bucket.
7.Marketplace which is a one-click installer for most applications that a developer would need.


The service is astonishing, for a 5$ Linode you would get 25 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, dedicated IP, 1 CPU core, and 3000 GB bandwidth.

This is simple inside statics from a Linode of mine.

Sometimes I get an email that one of the linodes needs maintenance. This rarely happens, depending on the location of the linode. I saw some reviews online that this happens a lot but from my own experience. It only happened twice and it did not take more than 30 minutes.

Security Features

Linode has added an update to protect servers against DDOS attacks. I will not depend on it because computer security is my specialty and passion so I use different approaches to protect my servers which could be found in this blog through this link if you are interested.


Phenomenal, uptime is something near 99.99%, as you might know, that uptime is the main aspect of any hosting provider, in order to get your website ranked probably you will have to be online any time a crawler crawl to your website which means you have to be online 24/7.

Customer support

My experience with their customer support very positive, they are professional and very helpful, they have great customer support.

Other functions

You could order some other linode like Dedicated 32GB + RTX6000 GPU x1 which costs 1.5 $/hour, or high memory CPU if you have a project that needs this kind of setup.


Finally, after our Linode hosting review I can say this, Linode is one of the top hosting companies on the entire market. We highly recommend it if you have a small or big website, if you need to execute GPU operations, an AI model, or a simple blog.

They have all you need with very different plans, very reputable, scalable, and provide excellent value and price compared to any other competitor.

Very positive experience and highly recommended. If I would have to say one con it would be they don’t have custom Linodes. All of it is preconfigured plans which mostly cover all areas. But, perhaps someone out there might need a custom setup.

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Linode Hosting Review
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