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List of most used Linux commands

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List of most used Linux commands
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List of most used Linux commands


Here we go again, With this Article “List of most used Linux commands”.

This article would summarize and explain the most used Linux commands, remember that some of these commands would need sudo privileges, all you need to do is to add sudo at the beginning.

Linux Commands

How to update Linux packages

apt-get update

How to upgrade Linux packages

apt-get upgrade

Print current directory


Get a list of the items in the current directory


Change directory


Copy command

cp /source /destination/
cp example.mp4 /home/
//copy multiple files
cp  file.avi file.doc sign.mp3 /home/

Move command

mv source destination
mv file.doc myfile.doc
mv file.doc /home

Delete/Remove file/directory command

rm filename.txt
//delete empty folder
rm foldername
//delete folder wih files
rm -r foldername
//Delete folder with protected files
rm -rf foldername

Change permission “chmod”

chmod options permissions filename/foldername
chmod -R 755 /var/www/html/

Clean screen


Change ownership of files and directories

chown [new_owner] [file]
chown admin file.txt

Add new user

adduser username

Make Directory

mkdir dirname

Text editor

nano filename


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