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Tangy Animal Crossing

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Tangy animal crossing
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Tangy Animal Crossing


I’m going to speak about one of the popular characters in an Animal Crossing Series. I’m going to write about  Tangy. I hope you all enjoy our post “Tangy Animal Crossing“.

Tangy Animal crossing “Name Definition”

Is Tangy a living orange, or a cat? We may don’t know the answer to this question. But, what I’m sure of is that Tangy is tremendous. I can begin with the definition of her name which means “having a tang”. Her name comes from the sharp taste of tangerine, citrus fruit which relates to her appearance. It refers to juice concentration.

Tangy Animal Crossing “Some facts”

Tangy is a peppy cat villager that doesn’t appear in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp but it is there in all other Animal Crossing Series. I love the design of Tangy, it is amazing, with her cute face having a green leaf on her head and the signature citrus-like texture. Her Stylish, chipper ears stand tall and are more like salmon-pink from inside. She looks like a tangerine with small indents all over her body. Another outstanding fact, her house filled with fruit which leads to a question, Is Tangy living in a house made of her own flesh?

Her cloth is a shirt that is horizontally striped in white and blue. On the other hand, she wears a green and white retro dress in Animal Crossing New Horizon. Also, Tangy has a music hobby and may sing anywhere without the need for a stereo.

Tangy Animal Crossing “Personality”

Tangy which is a Peppy villager appears to be in a good mood often and is easy to become friends with. She gets along with the villagers, including the player, which makes it easy to befriend her. She may ask for fish or bugs that she likes or has read about in Ms. Nintendique. Tangy gets upset easily, but because of a short attention span, she will forget quickly. She like all peppy villagers dreams of becoming famous in the future.

She may annoy cranky and snooty villagers with her upbeat personality but will get on with Lazy, normal, and other peppy villagers.

Tangy Animal Crossing “House”

In Animal Forest and Animal Crossing

  • Theme: Citrus which relates to her appearance.
  • Bed: Made of pineapple.
  • Chairs: Made of orange and lime.
  • Wardrobe & Dresser: Made of pear.
  • Clock: Made of apple.
  • Tables: Made of watermelon and lemon.

Throughout the entire season, her house remains almost unchanged. Also, she uses the citrus wall and carpet.

In New Leaf

Her house has some additions but with the same theme.

  • Theme: Citrus which relates to her appearance.
  • Dresser: Cabana.
  • Bookcase: Cabana.
  • TV: Apple.
  • Sunflowers.
  • Ukulele.
  • Huge Dekkoid.

In New Horizons

Tangy’s house has a smooth orange, white exterior, a white wooden door, and a green slatted roof.

  • Bed & Wardrobe: Made of Pear.
  • Clock & Table: Made of orange.
  • TV & Chair: Made of Apple.
  • Surprise box & Chair: Yellow Peach.
  • Cardboard boxes: Made of orange and peach.
  • An infused-water dispenser.
  • Palm-tree lamp, a fruit basket, a fruit wreath, and a coconut wall planter.

Tangy, Information Card

  • Gender: Female.
  • Species: Cat.
  • Personality: Peppy.
  • Birthday: 17th June, Gemini.
  • Catch Phrase: reeeeeOWR.
  • Default Clothing: Chain-Gang Shirt.
  • Favorite Clothing: Funky.
  • Least Clothing: Strange.
  • Default Umbrella: Orange.



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