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Top 8 games for kids in Chromebook

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Top 8 games for kids in Chromebook


Hey fellas, here we go again, “Top 8 games for kids in Chromebook” is the topic for you today. I hope you find it useful.

Our kids are just fed up with staying at home and now all the activities are finished as they are also frustrated of riding a scooter or a bicycle, playing in the garden, watching movies and cartoons, as well as parents, are always with them and they don’t even find ‘ me ‘ time for them. We never know when we will get rid of these quarantine feelings and get back to work and the kids will get back to the schools. But for the time being, this issue needs to be resolved.

Here I came up with a solution that can provide the couple with extra time to spend in each other’s company.

In this time of technology, you must have Ipads, tablets, laptops, and other devices for your kids to enjoy. But, these can be more battery taking for the task we are going to discuss, so, for this, Chromebook, I must say, would be an amazing option as it has excellent features, applications with perfect battery timing.

Have these following games in Chromebook to make the environment change for the relaxation of your kids in this pandemic time.


Adventure academy

This game not only for fun and for entertainment but also offers you complete educational challenges and quest crafts that are approved by actual teachers and the environment is similar to the virtual school created by the developers. it is made for the age group of 8 to 13, and the kids just have to buy hundreds of clothes and choose their role and home.

At the start, it provides a free tail of 30 days so you can test its eligibility and for having more fun on it, you have to buy it at $59.99/year which is not at all expensive.


Scribblenauts unlimited

The makers made crazy changes in this game. It allows all the rights to the kids to play according to their interest just by typing a word in the notepad, it will create things according to the input, kids combine an adjective with a noun, that’s how they form characters to do different moves. Sounds interesting? It is, plus it encourages kids to think critically and develop problem-solving skills and spur the imagination.

As a parent, keep checking and guiding them to get to know the interests and intentions of your child plus guide them to avoid putting things that can harm the characters.


Interland: Be internet awesome

It is a game full of entertainment and fun-loving along with a colorful interface and graphics which make the environment cool in the Chromebook. It is a web-based game and allows kids to know about internet safety by answering the questions and the bad guy of the internet. This is all imaginary but can affect real-life scenarios and mishappenings.



Minecraft is an all-time favorite game of the kids, it enables them to think deeply about the words, places and create new ones by joining voxels and millions of 3D cubes, they collect and craft new things, interact with animals and fight monsters in this game.


Angry birds 2

As the name suggests, angry birds you might be thinking it would make the kids angry but it is the alternate of the name and considered to be the best quarantine game. Your kids slip cartoons from the structure made from ice, wood, and other material to get the stolen eggs back from the pigs. The interface looks so real that when the bird destroys things it gets affected by gravity in real life.



Roblox is not far away from the popularity of other games, it has much similar features and graphics to Minecraft, but the interesting part is, it is not based on voxels although the kids are supposed to create their own world and anything is in their imagination. It is a small game development engine that allows the kids to invite their friends to play with them.


ABC mouse

The condition of playing this game is much similar to the above-discussed game and is the best choice for quarantine, the parents have to spend 59.99$ per year to buy this for kids. Have it in your Chromebook so you will not regret your invested money because it allows kids to create an avatar and another version to play and learn like inside the virtual classroom. The amazing part is, they have to earn tickets by buying decorations and clothing items for their personal space

It can work better on a web-based, so you can also have it.


PUBG mobile

Who is unaware of these most popular games of the world, which has attracted the parents as well as the kids, so what if we let our kids play this game when in quarantine. We should understand that they can’t meet their friends and miss their gatherings so nothing is wrong to help them to refresh and play with their friends by staying at home.


I tried as possible to sum up the top 8 games for kids in Chromebook that you have to install right away. Sure, it is my point of view, but it comes after a lot of time spent with different games.

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