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Hey Gamers Community, in this post ” Valorant “, I’m going to go with you through this amazing game. I will talk about the system requirements and the next Mobile Version and some other important info.

You need to be prepare before installing the game and know everything you need to enjoy the game.


What is Valorant?


First-person shooter game for Personal Computer ( PC ). Gamers take part in a number of quickfire rounds, switching between defending and attacking.


Official trailer – IGNITION



Valorant system requirements


Many players search for what are the system requirements for a game before they install it. Therefore, I provide you with the official recommendations for 144+ fps ( High End ), 60 fps ( Recommended ), and 30 fps ( Minimum ).

The Game works on Windows 10, 8, and 7

Here are the requirements to run it smoothly:


[table id=8 /]


[table id=9 /]


[table id=10 /]


After you read the previous tables about the system requirements, you can see that almost any PC will be able to run the game. This is a huge advantage for the Game of course. It will make the game one of the most competitive tactical shooters in the gaming world.

So, what are you waiting for? check your PC system and compare it with the previous tables.


valorant system requirements


Valorant for MacBook


Is Valorant on Mac?


Being a Mac user is a good thing, right? but, when it comes to games, it’s disappointing sometimes. Apple OS denies accessing some amazing games. For instance, in our case is Valorant.

So, as you may know, folks, it is not available on Macbook or iMac for now. Also, it seems that it will not be available any time soon.

On the other hand, Valorant is available on Windows OS.

Here is a statement from a Riot Engineer,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there are no current plans for Valorant to support Mac OSX. For now, to play Valorant you’ll just have to bite the bullet and free up space for bootcamp or build a Windows PC.

I do feel for you here though. I worked on porting LoL to Mac native all those years ago and have seen firsthand the development time it takes to port to / maintain Mac. As much as we’d like to reach every platform and player we have to look at where our development time is most effective for the entire player base.


How to install Valorant on Mac?


There is a solution for this which is using Bootcamp on your Mac. Bootcamp will allow you to install Windows OS on your Mac.

Then, after you finished installing Windows on Mac using Bootcamp, you can download and install it easily from the game’s website. But, you don’t raise your expectations because the performance will not be good as a Windows OS build.


Valorant Mobile


After their one-year anniversary, Valorant announced that fact: It will be a Mobile Version. The game is very successful. Therefore, Riot Games’ developers are working on making a beta mobile version.


Valorant Mobile release date


Since it is in the earlier stages, there isn’t a release date yet. But, the developers are working so hard to get results soon. So, Gamers, enjoy the game till the next news of the mobile version being revealed.


Valorant on PlayStation or Xbox


There is nothing announced yet, but it’s very likely that valorant will be on both Xbox and Playstation. After announcing that will be a bet Mobile version a few days ago, it will be very likely to be on consoles too.

It will be easy ( technically speaking ) for valorant to run on modern consoles.


valorant mobile version


Valorant Ubuntu


Like Mac OS, you will not be able to install Valorant on Ubuntu. So, the solution is to install Windows OS on your Ubuntu build. Then, install the game on this VM windows. For sure, you will not get a good performance, you need some good system requirements as I mentioned earlier.


Official Terminology


It consists of terms used by Valorant, unlike community terminology created by the players themselves.


What does thrifty mean in valorant?


It means that after the team won the round while possessing load-out of less value than the enemy’s team.




In conclusion, this is it for now about the Valorant Mobile version, its release date, and other consoles. Now, you should be able to install it on the operating system you want. I hope that you enjoyed our post, and stay tuned folks for the next updates from us about the gaming world.


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