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What is a Flutter?

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what is a flutter
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What is a Flutter



The world of technology is evolving, new technologies are emerging, while others are falling very far behind. If you are interested in the evolution of smartphones and its applications, you must have heard about the software (Flutter). What is a Flutter? And how do companies use it to develop smartphone applications?


What is a Flutter? Google Flutter


Flutter is an open-source software made to develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS using programming uniform. Google developed this software back in 2015 and it was in its experimental stages before it officially launched in 2018. Since then it has grown in popularity among developers.

Flutter is one of the most popular software on GitHub, It ranked 11th among the most popular application development software. There are a lot of apps developed with “Flutter” in the app stores. An example of this is the application developed by the “Alibaba” team and they called the application “Xianyu”, users downloaded this application 50 million times from the app store.


what is a flutter apps


How does Flutter work?

Ready-made templates


Developers can use ready-made templates available in Flutter to build a user interface for the application. With each template representing an element, such as buttons and menus, aesthetic elements like fonts and color formatting, and an overall application framework. Also offering much more to discover.

While Flutter does not allow users to acquire templates from external sources, it allows the developers to use templates made by the software makers, which are fully compatible with Android and iOS. Users can also develop their own templates.

Interactive Display Technology


Flutter uses interactive display technology for design screens. This helps in avoiding issues in the application performance, that can come from embedded programming languages like Java. Flutter uses “dart” software which pre-address the programming language, to be compatible with the various software environments.

Therefore with this technology, Flutter easily communicates with different software environments without the need for software bridges between Java and other languages. Reducing the time required to run the application.

Flutter is the only open-source software that is able to offer an interactive interface without the need to make a connection to Java software, encouraging developers to experiment and innovate in their projects.


Features of Flutter


Using Dart


The use of the DART program in Flutter is one of its most interesting features. All systems that use the interactive display of the application interface, including Flutter, sequence the interfaces for each added frame, creating many elements that disappear after each frame. Dart software uses virtual clusters that help improve the efficiency of using this type of system.

In addition, Dart has a software processor called Tree Shaking, which only integrates the required algorithm into the application. If you need to design templates,  a huge library of templates provided by the software is available for free.

Dart has software sub-packages that enable the developer to expand the capabilities of the underlying software.

For example, the software allows access to store data and facilitates access to software environment services and devices, such as microphones and cameras.


what is a flutter - dart


Save time and money


As a platform-compatible software, it enables developers to use the same algorithm to build Android and iOS applications, which is cost and time-effective in the development process.


Performance efficiency


Flutter software provides high performance for two reasons:

  1. Because it uses dart software that processes algorithms using compatible environments.
  2. Having ready-made design templates, making it that there is no need to bring templates from external sources. Which overall reduces performance issues.


Rapid development


Flutter software enables instant review of application performance during the development process on the smart device emulator and on the devices themselves.

The developer notices the changes they made to the interface of the application instantaneously on the smartphone, smartphone emulator, or tablet. When making a change to the design or algorithm the application reloads in seconds and evaluates the compatibility of recent changes. Therefore, there is no need to restart the device or emulator, or the app to check the changes done.

These features make building the design interface, adding features, and fixing bugs a smoother process, especially if the application encounters a software error, making it so that you can complete the work on the application without stopping, and if you have to reopen the application it will open faster.



Another feature in Flutter is the compatible ready-made design templates. These templates prevent any future compatibility issues. Developers will notice fewer errors related to compatibility with different operating systems when using them, which builds confidence in the compatibility of the application with future versions of the operating systems.

Google often uses Flutter to develop in-house tools. Therefore, the team is motivated to keep templates available and keep pace with the innovation of the current application design. Also, it’s worth mentioning that their ready-made templates are editable and developers can update them.


Software open source


Flutter is an open-source software, and there are an uncountable number of developers who supporst the development of this tool, and instructions on how to use it in different areas.

Flutter and Dart are both available to everyone for free.




To sum it up, Flutter is a revolutionary and innovative software in the field of smart application development. With features that make it a candidate to be one of the most popular software in the near future.


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