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What is a Sitelock Security

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What is A sitelock security
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What is a Sitelock Security



I’m going to write about a security extension service in this post ” What is a Sitelock Security “. We are going to figure out more about it. Also, how to get benefits.

Bluehost is a highly ranking web hosting provider. SiteLock is a well-known website security provider ( Add-on ). Therefore, If you are placing your order with Bluehost now, you have to ask yourself a question. Is It Necessary to Buy Bluehost’s SiteLock Security – Essential Extension Service.

Some hosts catch hacking more often than others and the worst part is that most webmasters do not even know this issue until they receive a message from Google or someone who points to them. So, what is SiteLock Security – Essential, an important app, and how can it help my site? In this post, we are going to find out more about it.

What is a Sitelock Security


Sitelock Security is an add-on, a cloud-based security tool that does several things really important to your website for malware and vulnerabilities. It performs scheduled scans of your website to detect threats like SQL injections, Cross-site scripting, Viruses, and email blacklisting.

Sitelock Security gives your website the protection it needs from spammers, malicious attacks, and hackers. Also, it improves your website’s speed increase conversions. So, you’ll be protected from costly downtime.

In addition, it fixes problems that appear on your website with high security and accuracy.


What are the problems that Sitelock scans for?


  • SSL Verification: Sitelock blocks you from seeing a certificate warning or error when you logged into your website.
  • Business Verification: It shows the visitors of your website a certification badge and how your website business is validated and legitimate.
  • Phone Verification: Your customers need to have the ability to report issues or request services or products. So, Sitelock makes sure that there is a phone number for that task.
  • Network security: It performs high security on the network to prevent hackers from accessing the server.
  • Application security: If there are any 3rd-party apps installed on your site, then it makes sure that they are secured and up to date.
  • Malware blacklist: It checks proprietary malware lists and search engines to ensure that your website is not blocked by browsers and search engines.
  • Spam blacklist: The e-mails that you sent to customers are heading to e-mails’ customers not their spam folder. Credit for Sitelock for that.
  • Reputation monitoring: It makes sure that communication to visitors is uninterrupted and the reputation of the website is intact.
  • Domain ownership: It Makes sure that you as a domain owner are in control of your site domain.
  • Customer data protection (SQL & XSS): It protects future and current visitor’s and customer’s data on the website and makes them secured by performing forward and backward-looking scans.
  • Drive-by-downloads: It Protects visitors from being infected with viruses placed on sites by hackers. And to do so, it scans the website.
  • Postal Address: The website can receive and make a response to postal mail, but have to be verified by sitelock security first.


What happens if SiteLock finds a vulnerability?


Site visitors will not be notified of any problems. The SiteLock icon will continue to show the date of the last good snapshot of the website. If a site owner fails to fix this issue, within a few days SiteLock will remove the logo from the site and insert a single clear pixel image. There is never a time when SiteLock will show visitors that the website failed to scan.


Will SiteLock impact website performance?


Well, no. This will not happen, SiteLock scanning will not affect website performance. The SiteLock icon has no effect on loading times.


Does SiteLock work with any hosting company, software, and server?


Yes. SiteLock works nevertheless of the hosting company, The software used, or the server type.


How can SiteLock protect my online reputation?


SiteLock protects your website by tracking malware lists and scanning your SSL certificate to secure posts. Also, It compares the domain and your email address to a list of popular email servers to see which of your messages are marked as spam.


How does SiteLock protect my data?


SiteLock SQL injection Tracking reviews all files and applications on your website to find out any malicious code Injected into the website. When access is made, you’ll get a notification as soon as possible and a list of infected pages will be available on your dashboard.

Does Sitelock use for more than a website and/or clients?


Yes, it is. Each plan of SiteLock you buy will protect just one website. However, you can buy the product multiple times to cover however many websites you’d like.


Pros of Bluehost SiteLock Security Essential


 1. An Automatic Malware Removal Systems with daily malware scans.
 2. Provides PCI Compliance feature to your Servers.
 3. The website acceleration will be enhanced.
 4. Protects you from DDoS Attacks.
 5. The much-needed Web Application Firewall will be available for your website.
 6. It will build trust between the website and your clients.
 7. No fear of being blacklisted on search engines.

Cons of Bluehost SiteLock Security Essential


 1. It is not a free service.
 2. Deceptive Billing and may involve False Claims
 3. Negative Feedback has been given to some of the Bluehost customers about their SiteLock Security Service.



To sum up, The Bluehost security tool is an amazing tool that does hard work for you on your website. So, Is it necessary to get this tool on your website?

You will find free WordPress security plugins with specific features to protect your website. I use Firewall and Malware Scan Wordfence Software directly, and it has always been amazing!

I hope this post ” What is a Sitelock Security ” is useful for you. That was all about BlueHost Sitelock Security.


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