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McAfee Antivirus Plus Review

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McAfee Antivirus Plus Review
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McAfee Antivirus Plus Review


Here we again with another article ” McAfee Antivirus Plus Review “.

Devices, software, and websites are meant to provide us with full opportunity to do our tasks successfully. In fact, they are so much concerned to our security that the makers have created reed software to prevent us from any scammer, to ensure quality service by sharing links and precautionary measure guidelines to protect us, our devices, and our personal and professional data to get into the hands of scammers o hackers.

What if, the smart hackers hack this prevention technique and then they harm their target, sounds possible, right? Yes, it is possible and even happening all over the world. but eerie action has reactions so to prevent those software and tools, our smart creators have designed that software that takes care of the software’s security, and it is one of the biggest achievements of them.

There are many anti-virus software are available like a panda, BullGuard, Norton built defender, and don’t forget McAfee which also have enough power to deal with malicious attacks and viruses


According to experts, McAfee is well known for its services in the antivirus circle but it is expected to show an average and mid-range performance. It was working with the intel but after separation, it did some changes like redesigned interface and jumped among the best antivirus out there like Norton and Kaspersky


Let’s see what experts concluded after the latest research about McAfee’s total protection’s performance and features.


It is good, but not perfect

It is specialized in blocking zero-day and protecting malware attacks along with some extra features and addons. The customer has to invest a great value of price while buying a 10 device that is named as a family plan in the US.

It is an antivirus that covers multiple devices along with all the necessary features the user needs as antivirus and is not very expensive. It provides a few extra features like VPN, password manager, performance optimizer and the beneficial part of that is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Mcafee security features

Do you want tight security protection against malware attacks, suspicious activities, viruses, or vulnerable websites? Go with McAfee, as it is designed to save its users from all kinds of attacks. Total protection has 99% acknowledged itself to fight against zero-day malware attacks. If you are taking it easy and don’t expect 100% results from it. You might be underestimating its features and services. But, here I will tell you that it shows 100% results while testing against malware as per other top antiviruses like notch and BitDefender.

Notch 360 has better scores than total protection but it also performs somehow better nowadays than the previous ones


Total protection provides a wide range of features from safe browsing to sell products online and much more, including.

  • Encrypted storage
  • Pc performance optimization
  • Home network security
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Password manager

The features above are not much appealing as these are the casual ones to serve the buyers with, like a password manager, pc optimization and safe browsing are commoners and can be found easily on any antivirus like TotalAV

However, it behaves better as an all-rounder antivirus at an affordable price and is cheaper than other paid or premium software like BullGuard and AVG. McAfee is best here!


Virus scan

Mcafee total protection offers two types of virus scan

Quick scan – Full scan

About quick scan

A customer using quick scan shared his views that he had tried a quick scan first which was completed in 20 minutes and the software scanned through over 12,000 files in the device which is really a long time for the quick scan. While trying through the newer computer it scanned almost 6000 files within 5 minutes and that was a good performance for half of the files within ¼ of previously taken time. ( 20 minutes )

Well, the working and reliability depend on the device like computer, laptop, and tablet you are having. As if you have an old computer it may take more than 20 hours for a full scan. But, if you try it on the newer computer you can get results of the full scan within 1 hour. Sure, that is really encouraging and more reliable than other software like Bitdefender and Avira.


Provide useful information in pop-ups

McAfee provides useful information in popup messages, to alert. For example, the files that are being scanned and those which need to be deeply scanned and have pointed out as suspicious ones. It shows all the highlights in the message. Maybe that will be useful for some users but also annoying for most people.


The scanning system is a bit slower

In contrast with other antiviruses like total AV and Norton, the overall scanning stem is slower in McAfee. In addition, sometimes the users still need to delete the problematic files. Even after the scan that should be automatically removed during the scan. But still, it is not a big issue for most people.

Finally, I hope you liked the article ” McAfee Antivirus Plus Review “.

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